Active Protection

Sharp shield monitors your PC on real time basis to protect, block and alert whenever some threats is found.

Email virus protection

Sharp Shield will scan, every time and will detect all junks email that comes through your email application’s gate, into your inbox.

Peak performance!

The state of the art Algorithms and detection engine in the sharp shield protection software allows protection and detection by just consuming a fractional load on your CPU usage!

24/7 Protection

Real-time protection enabled in the settings for Sharp Shield remains active all the time while your PC is on. Your PC is good to go and protected since the first installation. YOU ARE PROTECTED!

Getting Started

  • Download & Install Sharp Shield Antivirus

    Download and install Sharp Shield Antivirus at your computer. Simply click on the download button, and once the file has finished downloading, click and run the installation as suggested.
  • Run an Initial Scan

    Once installed, let Sharp Shield Antivirus run its course and perform a deep, full scan in order to detect any immediate existing threats.
  • Review the Scan Results

    Once the full scan has been completed, browse through the results report and either accept or reject Shield Antivirus’ automated recommendations.
  • Set and Forget... You Are Protected!

    Sharp Shield Antivirus is set to automatically launch and scan your computer on a scheduled basis. If you so choose, you can either set the automated scan to OFF, or otherwise, as you prefer.


  • Trojans32%
  • Spyware 54%
  • Adware 82%
  • Worms 13%
  • Viruses86%